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Pertaining to an aircraft, especially an airship, that derives its lift from the buoyancy of surrounding air rather than from aerodynamic motion.

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Africa ASAP harnesses airship, solar, fuel cell, and communication technologies to provide a cost-effective means of achieving real-time monitoring at vast and often remote landscape scales.  



ENERGY EFFICIENT: Unlike airplanes, drones, or helicopters, our airships are aerostatic. Helium, an inert gas lighter than air, generates the lift, therefore less energy is required and operational costs are minimized.

LONG-RANGE: Powered mostly by solar energy, our buoyant airship can travel at speeds of 100 km per hour and cover an area equivalent to size of Florida in a single deployment, or stay aloft for more than a week over an area of interest. 

24/7: Powerful ultra-long-range cameras and sensors transmit continuous round-the-clock images and data to a secure mobile ground station located at a distance of up to 290 kilometers away.

MORE USEFUL THAN SATELLITES: Low earth orbiting satellites (LEOS) provide a macro view or a micro view of an activity—like looking through a straw. You have to know exactly where to look, and if you find something of interest you will only be able to see it for a few minutes before it goes off screen.


UNAFFECTED BY SMALL ARMS FIRE: Our airships will fly at 4,000 feet, well beyond the effective range of an AK47. Moreover, at any altitude the airship’s flight is virtually unaffected by bullets because helium is nonflammable and there is minimal difference between the internal and external pressure of the craft.

GAME-CHANGING: Africa ASAP enables those who are working to stop poaching and other  illegal activities to take preemptive action and apprehend criminals before they act—and works as a powerful deterrent.

LABORATORY capabILITIES: Our airships function as floating laboratories gathering census data of flora and fauna, following animal populations, and tracking individuals without the need of a collar. Using advanced airborne geographical survey equipment, we can locate sources of water above and below ground.

Africa ASAP Demonstrations

Africa ASAP Demonstrations
AfricaASAP Elephant Poaching Solution
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AfricaASAP Elephant Poaching Solution

FLIR elephant scouting for AfricaASAP demo
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FLIR elephant scouting for AfricaASAP demo

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