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Africa ASAP was created by a small group of people passionate about protecting biodiversity in the most endangered places on earth.


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Skipper Darlington

Founder, Executive Director


Gil Grosvenor

Senior Advisor

Former President and Chairman of National Geographic; recipient of The Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Ken Beeks.png

Ken Beeks U.S. Navy (ret.)
Chief Technology Officer

Flag Secretary to the Commander of the Sixth Fleet; U.S. Navy, Chief Rotary Wing Test Pilot, Pax River (helicopters/jets/airships)

Tedd Determan

Conservationist/Emerging Market Entrepreneur
Founder, Development Communications

Theodore Dovi-Akue.png

Theodore Dovi-Akue


Jay Fetner

Founder of the African Development Group; author of The African Safari: The Ultimate Wildlife and Photography Adventure

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Ron Maxwell.png

Ron Maxwell


Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, Copperhead

Bill Walton

Host of The Bill Walton Show​, Managing Partner of Rappahannock Ventures, LLC and public policy entrepreneur


Rita Rowand

Conservationist and International

Education Administrator

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Yukiko Amaya - Co-Founder

Educated in Japan, Australia, France, and the US, Yukiko is a trilingual healer, shaman, and Priestess of Avalon. In earlier life, she was an anchor for Japan Public Broadcasting and produced major advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 companies. A respected teacher in Yoga, meditation, and dance, Yukiko works to restore our broken relationship with Earth Mother and all Her children through her ritual, healing, and teaching work at


Benjamin White - Director of Research and Innovations

Mr. White is a leader in the field of geospatial science and technology. He specializes in developing integrated approaches to managing changes in our world and empowering stakeholders with the knowledge to mitigate and adapt to these changes. With over 18 years of experience advancing science and technology initiatives across the world, Mr. White brings a systematic breadth and depth of knowledge to Africa ASAP's remote sensing and research.

Me in Shanghai.jpg

Michael Rowand - Director of Development

As Director of Development, Michael works to strategically develop Africa ASAP's organization, reach, and impact. Michael is also a writer and researcher. Beyond his home in America, he has worked and studied in Finland, South Korea, China, Germany, and the United Kingdom. He holds degrees from Oxford, Virginia Tech, and the London School of Economics.


Mike Wicklein - Video and Film Editor

Mike produces, directs, and shoots video and still photos for Africa ASAP. He has experience in a wide range of photography and storytelling. He also directs photographic work for other major corporations and organizations via his company, The Wicklein Group.  

John Waugh.jpg


John Waugh

Program Development Consultant and Regional Chair for North America, IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management. Has 35 years experience of experience in environment and development policy and program development spanning more than 40 countries. He has addressed the UN General Assembly twice on biodiversity and conflict.


Per Lindstrand


Designer and builder of airships/aerostats deployed in forty-eight countries; first to cross Atlantic and Pacific oceans by hot air balloon; builder of parachute for the Mars Lander; recipient of the most prestigious flying award, the Harmon Trophy


Manan Patel

Chief Technology Officer, Aevex Aerospace

Specialist in providing airborne reconnaissance services for complex, mission-critical customers. Prior to the formation of Aevex, he served as CEO and Founder of Special Operations Solutions (SOS), a business specializing in remote sensing technical solutions. Under his leadership, SOS grew to be recognized on Inc500’s list of America’s fastest growing companies.


Nazim Zilkha

Legal Counsel
Partner at Dechart LLP, a global law firm with over a thousand lawyers in twenty-six offices across twelve countries.


Synteche Ribeiro

Synteche graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and works as a systems engineer for the Northrop Grumman Corporation. She is a volunteer mentor for Baltimore City’s Thread program building relationships in the community.

Africa ASAP Champion and Spokesperson


In order to teach kids about endangered animals and how to protect them, Astrid Tuuli Grace Determan launched EPIC-Animals when she was 5.  Through EPIC, Astrid has partnerships with global NGOs and even the Vatican.  Now 14, in partnership with ASAP and EPIC, Astrid empowers children in the epicenters of climate change and wildlife destruction and kids in major, politically powerful cities. Together they are helping us save forge a safer climate and foster healthier human-wildlife interactions. 


Youth Ambassador

Pema McAlister is an 11-year old girl in 6th grade. Pema is the Young Ambassador of The Children of Tibet Trust Foundation (CTTF). She is focused on climate change and the unique impacts it is having on Tibet, also known as the “vertical arctic." Pema is assisting Africa ASAP with youth engagement and introductions to the Tibetan Community.


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