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we are committed to the Protection of nature, animal populations, and human COMMUNITIES.

Africa ASAP’s airships enable day and night early detection of and rapid response to destructive and illegal forms of land use, negative human-wildlife interactions, fire outbreaks, and other threats to human communities, animals, and plant life.


Success requires the participation of local people, management authorities, and civil society organizations. Effectiveness depends on continuous reliable information about what is happening in the region.


Africa ASAP makes that possible.


After many years studying the problem of elephant poaching in Africa, now at an existential level, I am serving as  senior advisor to the ASAP board and believe strongly in their airship solution and assembled team.

—Gil Grosvenor

Former President and Chairman of National Geographic


Time is running short. We are past pledging and politicking. We are past commitments with little accountability. What’s at stake is life, and society, as the majority of us know it and enjoy it today.

—Joyce Msuya

UN Environment Deputy Executive Director 

Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations

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