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Why our airship is "bulletproof"

Our airship, by nature of its design, is extremely difficult to shoot down. Unlike airplanes, helicopters, and drones it is essentially "bulletproof" in that it is unaffected by punctures.

  • Unlike the Hindenburg, our airship is filled with helium, a non-flammable inert gas. The pilots of blimps find it routine to return to their base with holes in their airship—holes made by people shooting at the blimp. Those holes present no real danger to the airship since the pressure inside the blimp is very nearly the same as that on the outside. On return to their base, the holes are easily patched and very little Helium will have leaked. This is not to minimize the danger to the pilots from the bullets, but there is virtually no chance of a blimp being brought down by gunfire.

  • Since our airship is unmanned, pilot safety is not an issue for us.

  • Our cruising altitude is 4,000 feet well beyond the range of an AK-47 and other small arms fire. When poachers shoot at our Swiss-registered airship, we will have video of them that will be used to prosecute them in court. Shooting at a Swiss-registered aircraft is not something that local and international enforcement agencies take lightly. As an extra safety precaution, cameras, sensors and guidance controls are wrapped in Kevlar.

Help us build and deploy our first airship in 2020! Check out our Campaign page for details.

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