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Last year on Valentine’s Day as Africa ASAP was making preparations to fly over The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee to calibrate our anti-poaching camera. One of the Africa ASAP airship sensors will be able to detect snares, the forgotten side of wildlife poaching in Africa. Snaring is a silent and rampant killer across Africa’s grasslands, rainforests, and savannahs. Snare wire is metal wire used to trap wildlife like lions and elephants.

In the last 3 years alone, poachers used snare wire to kill 100,000 elephants in Africa. Every year 8,000 elephants are killed by poachers using snare wire in South Luangwa, Zambia, alone. In the Niassa Reserve in Mozambique 52% of lion moralities are a result of snaring, and in South Luangwa National Park 20% of adult male lions have been killed or injured by snares. The caught animal suffers for days. Some animals tear off the part of their leg caught in the trap and are left limping for life. Others eventually die from hunger, thirst, blood loss, or an infected wound. Something is being done. Rangers routinely collect snare wire and give it to some amazing local artisans who transform something brutal into something beautiful. With the sale of each piece $5 is donated back to fund more patrols. The same instrument set down to destroy wildlife is transformed into a tool to ensure their survival.

When you support Africa ASAP you are supporting a project that will put an end to poaching, including the detection and removal of snares, and informing rangers of other illegal activities. In addition, our airship will provide exact coordinates to rangers so that they can treat animals wounded by snare wire. Elephants have the biggest hearts of any land being. So this Valentine’s Day give a gift from your heart to theirs. Click here to donate and receive your snare wire gift made by artisans at Mulberry Mongoose whose products have been featured in British Vogue.

For the elephants,

Skipper Darlington

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