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About the Project

About the Project

Africa ASAP is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to stop the poaching of African elephants and other, critically endangered species, with long-term, near-continuous aerial surveillance of the wildlife refuges where they live, and where they are being slaughtered by the tens of thousands every year.

Long-term, near continuous, aerial surveillance of the wildlife refuges will protect these beautiful animals from being poached to extinction.


AFRICAN ELEPHANTS ARE IN A CRITICAL SITUATION – one elephant is killed for ivory every 15 minutes. There are only 300,000 elephants left in Africa.

At the current rate of poaching, elephants will be extinct in 5 – 10 years! We must not let this happen.


AFRICA ASAP STRIKES WHERE IT COUNTStimely information sent to trained and reliable on-the-ground teams to apprehend poachers BEFORE they kill the elephants. Many hard-working and well-intentioned groups, governmental and non-governmental are:

These efforts have sadly, not been enough to curb the killing.

Corruption is rampant in regulating this lucrative, illegal trade of ivory, where what is promised does not always coincide with what is done. Lack of timely information means enforcement officials often arrive too late to prevent the slaughter and are reduced to trying to intercept the ivory.

Africa ASAP changes that state of affairs through an innovative combination of near continuous aerial surveillance, in partnerships with on-the-ground, law and enforcement units specially trained for effective anti-poaching work.

Fueled by international, criminal organizations, poaching is not a conservation issue. It is a law and enforcement issue and must be dealt with accordingly.


Our tested and acclaimed air to ground surveillance and protection system delivers timely and accurate information to those in the anti-poaching forefront on the ground.

The missing element in current efforts is timely and precise information given to well-trained and effective ranger units.


Africa ASAP will be saving elephants within 6 months of receiving adequate funding; i.e. build the airship, purchase all necessary equipments for the airship, tethered aerostat and ground station, and recruit, train and equip the rapid response ranger units.
The leadership of Africa ASAP has extensive experience in non-profit organizations, law-enforcement, as well as in the aviation and sensor technologies to be employed.
50% of the success of our system is in the Air. The other 50% is on-the-ground teams to correctly and effectively utilize the information we gather.